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To continue with our life changing work at the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation we rely on the support of our generous donors. A corporate donation can be a powerful social investment tool. We will work with you to maximise the benefits it brings your company as well as the children it supports.

Companies are full of people whose time, expertise and specialist skills can help us have a real and lasting impact on the lives of children. By supporting your staff fundraising and volunteering activities, companies can strengthen their Corporate Social Responsibility programmes and stand out from other competitors.

Christina Noble Children’s Foundation has a track record in successfully managing corporate partnerships with large and small companies. You can get involved in any project area or choose one appropriate to your sector or business.

Whether you’re a small company that wants to support a specific programme, or a larger company looking for a suitable project, we can arrange what will work best for your business. If you would like our Foundation to give your company a presentation on our projects and our work with the children in Vietnam and Mongolia please contact us - tara.cronin@cncf.org

Alternatively, you can talk to us now by calling 0207 381 8550, or email us at corporate@cncf.org
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