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Become a Noble Student Ambassador

Be a Student Fundraiser at your school, college or university for Christina Noble Children’s Foundation.

We are looking for passionate and fun young people to help represent Christina Noble Children’s Foundation at your School, College or University. Our Noble Student Ambassador roles are for dedicated and passionate people who want to make a difference in the world of disadvantaged and street children in Vietnam and Mongolia, to join our vision for the children of the world to be guaranteed their basic human rights; to be able to live their childhood which is the foundation for their adult life.

Get involved in Active Global Citizenship.
You will learn more about global issues and develop the necessary skills and confidence to put your world-changing ideas into action. You determine the outcome of your own activities, developing skills such as organisation, time management, creativity, communication, and leadership; actively putting these skills into practice through independent and participatory learning.
Are you a confident and passionate speaker or would you like to work on these skills?

Then this role is for you. We need people who can inspire and rouse fellow students to help with our cause. You could do this through events, big and small and by writing about us, tweeting about us, blogging about us or even sending 'carrier pigeons'. Whatever is your best style, we want to see your creativity.

Can you organise at least one event or possibly participate in a charity challenge alone or with a team with the aim of raising a target of £500 or more?
  • Can you inspire the RAG committee within the University or College to take on Christina Noble Children’s Foundation as a chosen charity?
  • Can you take a 1st year under your wing and coach them to be our next super student Ambassador?

In return for all of your fantastic work, you will receive an official letter of appointment as a Noble Student Ambassador. Your work as an Ambassador can count as work experience with a voluntary expected contribution of approximately least 20 hours over the year which can be documented on your CV. At the end of the year you will receive a certificate signed by the Foundation. Best of all, if your ambassadorship is a successful one and you are at the appropriate age, you will have the opportunity to be recommended as a Volunteer in our Centre of Social Assistance for Disadvantaged Children in Vietnam. This is an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling role where you get to work with the very children who you have helped with your fundraising. Read More about Volunteering Here.

As a Noble Student Ambassador, we look forward to welcoming you into the Noble Family as a valued and important member. We will help you to develop your ideas in order to raise much needed funds for our Children. It is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who wants to develop a career in charity or who wants to give something back to the community. Being a Noble Student Ambassador will boost your confidence as well as enhancing your CV for future employers.

If this sounds like you, contact our team at UK@cncf.org for more information or call us on +442073818550 to discuss this further.

Other ways that you can help us.
  • Donate your library fines to good causes! Why not ask your Library Staff to have an amnesty on Library fines and instead donate the equivalent to Christina Noble Children’s Foundation.
  • During RAG (Raising and Giving) Week, put Christina Noble Children’s Foundation forward to the organisers of your college or universities RAG week to get your whole university involved in raising funds for our Children in Vietnam and Mongolia. If you don’t have a RAG week, why not organise your own? Get in touch with our fundraising team for ideas on how to organise this.

Taking part in a RAG event is the perfect way to make new friends and incredible memories, whilst adding that extra sparkle to your CV. And most importantly, you’ll be supporting the people who really need your help.
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There are so many ways that your school can get involved in fundraising for Christina Noble Children’s Foundation. It’s fun and rewarding, educational and really encourages children to work together in a team for social good. Why not get your school involved today?

We’ve put together a few ways to get involved.
  • Hold a Charity Day, Summer Fête or Fun Day.
  • Have an outdoor assembly or school soiree and charge a few pounds entry.
  • Treasure Hunt: Collect a set list of items and get sponsored for each item collected.
  • Organise a Car Wash for parents
  • Hold a school 'Afternoon Tea' picnic and invite your families and friends.
  • Create a challenge for the whole school. Ask families to sponsor you to gain gold stars at school ~ 1 star per good deed and collect 365 stars in a year for instance.
  • Organise a non-uniform or themed Fancy Dress day.
  • Hold a Cake Sale or 'bake-off' competition.
  • Playtime Fundraiser: Charge to play different playground games.
  • Playground Collection: Stand at the school gates and collect loose change from parents, teachers and pupils.
  • Give something up ~ Get sponsored to give something up, or get the whole school to give up sweets for a day and donate the money they would have spent to Christina Noble Children’s Foundation.
  • Sell, Sell, Sell: Hold a school art auction, jumble sale or sell home-made jewellery and cakes.
  • Make a Show ~ Charge for tickets to a performance, Christmas play, sports day, X-Factor competition or talent contest. Or you could hold an assembly about children’s rights and charge for entry.
  • Noble Helpers ~ Carry out simple chores and get sponsored for each completed task.
  • Sponsored silence ~ Challenge everyone to an afternoon of quiet.
  • Quiz ~ Test your knowledge, why not have a teachers versus students team?
  • Raffle ~ You could sell raffle tickets and raffle off anything. Follow our guidelines though!

Charity of the Year partnerships

If you can support us for a year or longer we would love to hear from you. Tell us what you have planned and we'll make sure you have all the support you need.

Why not request a Christina Noble Children’s Foundation speaker for a school Assembly?

Become a Young Ambassador for Christina Noble Children’s Foundation

Christina Noble Children’s Foundation’s Young Ambassadors is a fantastic opportunity for secondary school students to get creative and passionate to create effective change in the lives of Children in real need of their help. It is a fantastic way of getting involved in Active Global Citizenship.

Students choose their own goals and aims in terms of fundraising, developing skills such as organisation, time management, creativity, communication, and leadership. They actively put these skills into practice through independent and participatory learning.

An initiative such as Noble Ambassadors Supporting helps students build their confidence and self-worth and sets the foundations for their futures as well rounded and socially conscious adults. It will help them develop the skills to put their creative ideas into action and change the lives of Children in great need.

Email uk@cncf.org for more information about how to get your school involved.

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