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Child Sponsorship Programme

Children supported by our sponsorship programme have many different needs. A very young child may need special nutritional and medical care to combat malnutrition, and the child’s parents will need training in how to care for their sick child. A child begging or working on the streets may need an alternative education programme to accommodate that child’s work whilst allowing time for learning. An older child may need vocational training, job replacement assistance and sexual and family education.

What all these children do have in common is that they live a life of extreme poverty and deprivation. By sponsoring a child you will be giving them education opportunities to give them a real future, breaking the cycle of poverty, reintegrate into their communities and realise their ambitions. To sponsor a child it costs just £20 a month, but for a child in Vietnam or Mongolia, your support is priceless.

To become a sponsor please visit the 'sponsor a child' page.

For more information on the programme please e-mail Fiona Geoghegan.

Sponsorship is one of the most rewarding ways of helping a child born into a life of poverty. As a sponsor, you will gain an insight into a child’s life and know that you are giving them the care and opportunities that every child deserves.

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