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What We Do


We believe that every child deserves the right to a decent education for a healthy and productive future. Through our schools and education programmes children remain in school, engage in after school activities and learn life skills that will provide prospects for a better future while keeping them off the streets. Education is crucial to the development of any child and is a basic human right. Education allows an escape for the destructive cycle of poverty. The social influences and encouragement a child receives at school play a significant role in the social and moral development of a child and a society.

Health Care

Preventative health care is an essential building block to a healthy and productive life. Our Health Care Programmes touch the lives of thousands of children by providing an international standard of care, free of charge, to street children and children from poor families and local orphanages. Through these programmes children receive hands-on individual treatment and aftercare in a safe and healthy environment.

Community Development

The breakdown of traditional life has led to a growing number of children living and working on the streets, many of whom are at risk of commercial and sexual exploitation. Our community programmes seek to reconstruct elements of a healthy community life, providing shelter and other basic needs for children who are escaping dysfunctional families. We aim to create a healthy and enhanced community environment in order for the children to develop to their maximum potential.

Child Sponsorship

For just £20 per month Child Sponsorship provides a better quality of life for an individual child by providing access to an education, vocational training and medical assistance. Sponsorship is tailored for the child’s individual needs. A child who is working needs to be able to access a special alternative education programme with flexible hours while older children may need meaningful vocational training, healthcare, family life education and job placement assistance.

'When children are educated, they possess something which cannot be lost or taken away from them and which offers them some protection from exploitation and abuse. They will have more power in the labour market; they will be better equipped to provide for themselves in a way which protects their integrity and their dignity"
- Christina Noble
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