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Christina Noble

Christina Noble OBE is the Founder and driving force behind Christina Noble Children’s Foundation, her passion for children’s rights is rooted in her own upbringing. She knows what it is like to be young, homeless and desperate. Christina grew up in appalling poverty in the slums of Dublin in the 1950’s. Orphaned, abandoned, abused and neglected after the death of her mother when she was 10 years old, she understands from first-hand experience a childhood of pain and betrayal and life on the streets.

The death of her mother brought about the separation of Christina and her five siblings, the youngest four who still lived at home were all sent to different institutions. Christina spent four desperate years in the west of Ireland in an institution being led to believe that her brothers and sisters were dead. Her escape brought her to Phoenix Park in Dublin where she slept in a park in a hole in the ground she’d dug herself.

At the age of Seventeen Christina ran away to England to be with her brother. This is where she met and married her husband and had three children, Helenita, Nicolas, and Androula. During a particularly low ebb in her life, in 1971 Christina had a dream about Vietnam. "I don't know why I dreamed about Vietnam, perhaps it was because the country was so much in the news at the time. In the dream, naked Vietnamese children were running down a dirt road fleeing from a napalm bombing. The ground under the children was cracked and coming apart and the children were reaching to me. One of the girls had a look in her eyes that implored me to pick her up and protect her and take her to safety. Above the escaping children was a brilliant white light that contained the word 'Vietnam'."

Driven by this dream and her own childhood trauma, in 1989 Christina travelled to Vietnam, her vision being to work amongst the street Children, the discarded and forgotten. Against all odds, Christina set up the Foundation in Ho Chi Minh City where the number of programmes has grown considerably across Vietnam. Christina registered the charity as a British Registered Charity in 1991.

In 1997, Christina travelled to Mongolia and saw first-hand the deprivation and poverty left behind after the withdrawal of the Soviet Union and the socioeconomic collapse of the country. As a result, Christina expanded her operations to the thousands of children forced to live on the dilapidated freezing streets and in the underground heating tunnels of Mongolia’s capital City Ulaanbaatar.

Christina has since gone on to be recognised globally for her humanitarian work having received many prestigious honours. She still remains the principal driving force and inspiration and retains close personal contact with the children.

A full list of awards and nominations can be found here: AWARDS.

A more detailed account of Christina’s life can be read in her international bestselling autobiography ‘Bridge Across My Sorrows’ published in 1994, and the sequel ‘Mama Tina’ 1999.


There has been a film made by Antsy Productions based on the life of Christina called ‘NOBLE’, and more information about the film can be found at Noble Movie.

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