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Meet Our Team

Kate Greer - Director

Kate’s introduction to the Foundation began with her involvement with the production of Christina Noble’s ‘This Is Your Life’ programme in 2002. After her retirement from television she joined the Foundation’s UK office on a part-time basis in 2004 as an administrator and is also on the Board of Trustees.
kate.greer@cncf.org - LinkedIn

Fiona Geoghegan - Office Manager

Fiona joined the Foundation in 2006 after being introduced by a friend and reading Christina’s book, Bridge Across My Sorrows . Fiona is the UK office Manager, for Child Sponsorship, volunteer and general enquiries.
fiona.geoghegan@cncf.org - LinkedIn

Anna Hornby - Fundraising and Marketing Assistant

Anna read Christina’s book Bridge Across My Sorrows when she was about 12 years, struck by the life and works of Christina Noble she made it her mission to volunteer with the Foundation in Vietnam. After doing so in 2012, she joined the London Office on a fulltime basis. In her role of Fundraising and Marketing Anna is the Community Fundraiser, Social Media Marketer and Graphic Designer for the office. For sponsored sporting or community events please contact Anna for fundraising support.
anna.hornby@cncf.org - LinkedIn
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