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Our Foundation

Christina Noble Children’s Foundation is an international partnership of people dedicated to serving children in need of emergency and long-term medical care, nutritional rehabilitation, educational opportunities, vocational training and job placement, as well as children at risk of sexual and economic exploitation. The Foundation seeks to maximise the potential of each child. This is accomplished within the context of the family and the community whenever possible and always with love and respect for the dignity of each child as an individual.

The Foundation was established in 1991, and has since set up over 100 projects in Ho Chi Minh and the surrounding provinces, assisting hundreds of thousands of the country’s poorest and most vulnerable children. In 1997 Christina extended the Foundation’s work into Mongolia, where during an investigative trip, she was shocked to discover thousands of sick and destitute street children, many living in the city’s sewers.

Christina Noble Children’s Foundation is involved in numerous activities including medical care, educational assistance, community development, well drilling, establishing and developing educational facilities, revolving loan programmes, emergency assistance to children and their families, and shelters for street children.

“We can create the light through the darkness for every child, but only if we believe in childhood. Love, pure and unconditional, will find a way to bring children back their childhood. As adults we can bring them all into our hearts, find a way to give them back their basic human rights.”
– Christina Noble

Why we need YOUR SUPPORT

Our work is only possible when we have the support of the public. Your kindness and support helps alleviate the daily plight of street and impoverished children who, without help, would otherwise be left with little or no hope. Please get involved in whatever way you can. Be heroes for our children.

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